James Acaster wakes up heartbroken and alone in New York, his relationship over, a day of disastrous meetings leading him to wonder if comedy is really what he wants to be doing anymore. A constant comfort in James' life has been music, but he's not listened to anything new for a very long time. Idly browsing 'best of the year' lists, it dawns on him that 2016 may have been a grim year for a lot of reasons, but that it seemed to be an iconic year for music. And so begins a life-changing musical odyssey, as James finds himself desperately seeking solace in the music of 2016....

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"Congratulations! You've just won ten million dollars!" Wouldn't that be nice to hear? How about, "Congratulations! You've just won ten pairs of socks!" Well, it doesn't quite have the same ring to it, but it's always nice to win. If you like getting something for nothing, maybe it's time you won sweepstakes. Of course, sweepstakes winners are chosen at random like a lottery, so there's no way to increase your chance of winning. Or is there?

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Space out your entries. Assuming that the number of times you can enter is constrained, either by the rules or by your budget, don't send in or drop in all your entries at one time. Wait a few days or weeks (depending on the contest) between entries so that when the entries get mixed together you've got a better chance of one of your entries landing on top.

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