vip elite member randall holcombe i am claiming the superprize of 5,000,00 a week for life gwy 13000 and i am claiming my unique prize number so i can win this prize money from pch i stay on pch 6 to 8 hours 7 day a week every day until i play all of the win instant games cards and i enter every sweepstakes that is on pch this is how that i show my loyal and dedication to pch and it show because i have over 391 million tokens and i am at the top level on pch the red diamond is the top level on pch and i really work really hard to get to the top level on pch this is because i want to win the 5,000,00 a week for life gwy 13000 and if pch take a good look at my record on pch and then they will know that i should be the winner of this prizes money from pch

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vip elite member I randall holcombe is claiming the 5,000,00 a week for life gwy 13000 and I am claiming the 1,000,000,00 gwy 18000 from pch is because I make it a daily thing to get on pch 7 days a week everyday I show how loyal and dedication that I am to pch and to the prize patrol bye having so many tokens I have way over 280 million tokens I just like one level to get to the top on pch I like the red diamond and then I will be at the top level on pch and should show pch how bad that I want to win this prize money I am in it to win it I should win these prize are I should win one of these prize gwy 13000 are gwy 18000 are I should win both of these prize money from pch it took me a long time to get this for and I did not come this for to lose

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I’m claim entries in Gwy pch sweepstakes 18000 13000,1074 12655,11937 11936 12656 and plus more 1 million cash bonus also and upgrade in Gwy pch sweepstakes and bounds cash vip also dream home and Ford truck sweepstakes dream home.I want to be the next winner in pch sweepstakes put me in Yes yes yes yes I want to be the next winner I hope my dream come true for me and my family

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Please help me to activate my Entires and claims and prize numbers for the We’re Ready to Deliver the 25,000.00 a month for life from GWY 13000 and I would love to Win the 25,000.00 a month for life from GWY 13000 from PCH Sweepstakes on June 30,I would love to see the Prize Patrol coming to my door and ringing my doorbell and say hello your our winner, that is my dream.

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