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The home in Whitefish is the most beautiful location you have ever chosen (I’ve seen all of them)! However, the interior decorating is the most reprehensible I have ever seen in ANY home in my entire life!! That crap may work in San Francisco, LA or NYC but it is completely out of character with it’s beautiful location, the state of Montana, the Rockies and and Western character as a whole!!! The moose on a steel fireplace (are you kidding me!!) is hideous! It is as out of character as dressing Peewee Herman as a working ranch cowboy (which I am)! I guarantee you, every Montana native wretched (the interlopers from California may have liked it! You guys (and especially your decorator) are COMPLETELY OUT OF TOUCH with the reality of Montana, the Rockies and western lifestyle! It was painfully embarrassing! I have NEVER in my life commented on anything I’ve seen on TV, good or bad. But I can promise you, for every comment you receive like mine, there are hundreds of thousands of others who agree with me who just don’t take the time to tell you!
Open to legal residents of the 50 United States and D.C., age 21 or older. Void where prohibited. Odds of winning depend on number of entries received. Sweepstakes ends at 5:00 p.m. on November 21, 2018. For full official rules, prize disclosures, and to enter, visit Sponsored by Scripps Networks, LLC dba Home & Garden Television, 9721 Sherrill Boulevard, Knoxville, Tennessee 37932.
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I love the house plan but I would change some things in the house. It might be a MT house but I don’t want an animal head looking at me and antler ears got to go. I would have thought they would have done a stone fire place down stair and one in the master bedroom Love the hot tub off the master and the comfort area I want an area that I can go to a place that is quiet and comfy Just some idea changes
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