I Carolyn jean JOrdan claim certificate of ownership or title for the PUBLISHERS CLEARING HOUSE $7,000.00 a week for life unique superprize number 4472 1571 8719 ,fully eligible to win from giveaway no. 13000,for the PCH SUPERPRIZE drawing on April 26th 2019 . I actnow to initiate the final step to guarante my spot on the final winners selection list.Register in my name Carolyn jean JOrdan these PCH Superprize entery numbers ,please activate, validate,confirm and secure my fully eligible PCH entery numbers onto the final winners selection list ,and transfered my unique PCH Superprize winning number 4472 1571 8719 into the final winners selection generator and onto win the PUBLISHERS CLEARING HOUSE Superprize drawing,also my PCH superprize entery numbers are also fully eligible to win a second chance 1 million dollar drawing from giveaway no.18000 I’m in too win thanks Carolyn jean JOrdan. 4-14-2019

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Ang mga Pagtatakdang ito ay kakapit sa inyo sa sandali na una ninyong ginamit ang Website. Ang SC Johnson ay maaaring tumapos ng mga Pagtatakdang ito, o anumang bahagi nito, sa anumang oras at walang abiso sa inyo, sa anumang dahilan. Gayunman, ang mga bahaging kumakaharap sa MGA PAGHIHIGPIT SA INYONG PAGGAMIT NG MGA MATERYALES SA WEBSITE, LIMITASYON NG PANANAGUTAN, PAGBABAYAD NG DANYOS, PAGKAKAILA, at HURISDIKSIYON ay makakaligtas sa pagtatapos.

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I’m claim 5 x the entries in Gwy pch sweepstakes vip plus more and bounds cash and upgrade to 25,000.00 a month for life pch sweepstakes I want to be the next winner in pch sweepstakes and 1,million in cash bonus also megaprize cash bonus also and upgrade in 18000 8800 6900 6600 3300 1074 and dream home also and dream kitchen makeover I’m claim it all #6 win win big check you can come to my state
search and win i wish to enter and I wish to claim the upgrade 6,000,00 a week for life 13000 from pch i always get on pch and play all of the intant win cards games and I enter every sweepstakes that is on pch and I been loyal to pch for years now and I have over 340 million tokens this is how bad that I want to win this prize money from pch vip elite member to me i think pch should go bye how many tokens that you have to win this prize money because if a person just get on pch and just enter a sweepstakes and that person just has 200 tokens and that person win and a person like me has a lot of tokens and don’t win anything i don’t think that fair to me are other people that has a lot of tokens because the people that has a lot of tokens they are the one that are loyal to pch

Ay Publishers Clearing House legit

PCH (Danielle Lam) – VIP/ELITE – “READY TO DELIVER” – With a timely entry,hereby claiming full eligibility rigjts to my valid/unique prize number(s) tobeissued from thisnotice and I would liketo WIN $25,000,000.00 A Month for Life, GWY.13000. I would very much like to win this PRIZE, itwould helpoutso much! And YES, YES, I would like to see the Prize Patrol at my door.
I’m claim entries in Pch Gwy WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN sweepstakes and VIP cash bonus also and upgrade in Gwy and plus more and 1 million cash bonus also megaprize cash bonus also and dream home also and dream kitchen makeover and dream bathroom makeover and dream trip to and dream home also and 25,000.00 or 40,000.00 a month for life and upgrade and 18000 6900 6600 8800 13000 18001 13001 1074 12396 3300 and VIP cash bonus also I’m in all I want to claim all i hope my dream come true for me and my family thank you and may God bless you all

i am claiming full ownership of the 5,000,00 a week for life gwy 13000 from pch is because I am trying really hard to win this prize money i get on pch and stay on pch until I play all of the intant win cards games and I enter every sweepstakes that is on pch and I have over 338 million tokens this should show pch how loyal that I am to them vip elite member because I have a lot of tokens i been handicapped all of my life and I had a hard life but winning this prize money would make me so happy i hope pch just take a look at my record and my file on pch and then pch will know that I should be the winner of this prize money and I want to win so bad that I dream about winning this prize money every night and I want pch to make my dream come true

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Publishers Clearing House is so famous and its sweepstakes are so popular that the chances to win are extremely low. You're looking at odds of 2.4 billion to one to win the SuperPrize. For comparison, the odds of winning a Powerball jackpot are "only" about 292.2 million to one. But remember, you have to pay money to play Powerball, which substantially increases your risks.

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I lyle john Kirkwood am claiming 25.000 a week for life and as well as the 10.000 and 7.000 a week for life and the millions off the pch lotto and the home makeover as well as my new mustang and my ford f150 and my ford blazer as well and I need all my VIP rewords so I can share them with my freinds that are having a hard time fighting this life to try to make it out a winner I have listed all most all my family and freinds and never even had the chance to get help from the state of ut win I was 5years old for what happend to my sister well i am going to be 38 this year and i lost like 23 best bros including my little brother and my mom and i really need a chance to go get the help me and my freinds need to get because this is the hardest thing i could ever think to say by putting my hole life in a book that has been hard dealing with lifes problem and not making any token prizes on are bang for are hard earned time . I lyle Kirkwood clam all of it for VIP elite reasons i need to get some flowers for my mom and pay for her hole in the ground next to grandma . R.i.p mom 5- 09-2019 the day before in little brother birth day and let’s just say I got them both some balloons to sent them in heaven and never got to because my dog guidance got to it first . I have seen some thing I would blow your mind with my life and I just no that I am winning this and helping my freinds /there freinds and more so I win I win win win . Thanks pch for making me the winner I claim it all

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PCHsearch&win – VIP-Elite “REWARDS” With a timely entry, am hereby claiming Final Step,full eligibility rights, sole ownership and Complete Compliance to any and all prize number(s) to be issued from this notice. I would like to WIN the prizes listed below: 1.$1,000,000.00 – GWY,18000 2.$500,000.00 Exclusive VIP Prize -GWY.11812 3.$50,000.00 GWY.12655 4 $25,000.00 – GWY.11937 5.$15,000.00 – GWY.11936 When you take your early look from the Winner Selection List in June.
I want to win the $ 5,000.a week for life PCH GWY no 13000 on August 30,2019. Because I have Entered the Publishing Cleaning house since 2018 and I hope this time I will be the one who win the $ 5,000.a week for life. Because it going to help me to fixs up my parents house. I’m tried of working from paycheck to paycheck every single month and never seeing over the Rambow to a better life for me and my family.

vip elite member i am claiming the superprize of 5,000,00 a week for life gwy 13000 from pch the number one answer is i been really loyal to pch for years now and I am trying so hard to win this prize money from pch but if I don’t win this prize money from pch i should win one of the sweepstakes that I enter for some big money because I enter every sweepstakes that is on pch 7 days a week every day and I play all of the intant win games cards that I play every day this is why I have so many tokens i am in it to win some big money i have over 332 million tokens and I think that I should all ready won some big money from pch i am at the black diamonds and I like one level to go that is the red diamond and then I will be at the top level on pch but if I don’t win any big money from pch when I get to the top level i am going to give up

I would like to claim everything PCH offers to be able to win the ten thousand a week 4life the 5000 a week for life a7000 4life and every single thing else they have issued that I have entered for it would be a great thing to have to be able to help all my friends and family that lost their kids to DCFS and help tear them apart and it make them be a broken family I put the money towards a lawyer to help them accomplish getting their family back together for their kids I would also retire my dad it took care of the whole family and he drove his ass off across star great highways to put food I’ll have tables all around the world I would also help some kids they had autism and I would have the house brought up to code Tooele there’s nothing wrong with it no leaks no holes what broken fridges that leak all over the floor I would also invest money intoarce kids schools 4 activities and sports I want Upon a Time was thrown out of a car window at 80 miles an hour have a hard time doing things nowadays that’s been paying my way and I wish I could pay it forward and give him all the time back he’s lost over all these years on the road and be able to take him fishing everyday

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