I randall holcombe is claiming the 1,000,000,00 vip exclusive prize giveaway number 11812 from pch I should win this prize money because I am really loyal to pch and I am dedicated to winning this prize money from pch and I am always on pch because I like to play all of the games on pch and I enter every sweetstakes that is on pch and I have way over 100 million tokens and I am in it to win it all if I win this 1,000,000,00 from pch it would be a blessing from heaven

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Publishers Clearing House, also known by the short name “PCH” is organizing a grand PCH Win It All Sweepstakes in which they are giving away $1 Million Cash, Brand New Ford Explorer Platinum Car and Lifetime $1000 per week. Also, If you don’t want the car then you can opt for $55,530.00 cash against Car. Enter daily to win this Grand Prize from Publishers Clearing House Win It All Sweepstakes.
I’m claim entries in Gwy pch sweepstakes 18000 13000,1074 12655,11937 11936 12656 and plus more 1 million cash bonus also and upgrade in Gwy pch sweepstakes and bounds cash vip also dream home and Ford truck sweepstakes dream home.I want to be the next winner in pch sweepstakes put me in Yes yes yes yes I want to be the next winner I hope my dream come true for me and my family

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vip elite member i am claiming the 5,000,00 a week for life gwy 13000 and I am claiming the vip exclusive 1,000,000,00 gwy 11812 and I am claiming the vip 40,000,00 gwy 12655 from pch is because I been really loyal to pch for years now and I have over 328 million tokens and I am trying so hard to win this prize money because I been handicapped and in a wheelchair all of my life and me and my wife are living in a house that is about to fall in on us and I am trying to win this prize money so I can buy us a new home and I pray to god that pch just take a look at my record and my file on pch and then pch will know that I should be the winner of this prize money pch make my dream come true so I can buy me and my wife a new home
I Emanuel Wise is here to secure full eligibility to win 25,000 a month for life superprize from gwy # 13000 during this special early look event on 6/30/19, I need to win this money to help the homeless, place to live not in the woods or any where they can go, help my church family, y family, pay bills, buy a car, buy a house, and whomever my God a low my to bless. Thank you PCH.

I Dionne Mcinnes hearby claim all Prize Numbers generated in my name and assigned to myself, and placed on the winners list making “me” Fully and Completely Eligible to the Special Early Prize Event $25,000.00 a month for life gwy#13000 now upgraded to a staggering $50,000.00 a month for lice life!!! Plus an unbelievable upfront prize payout of $600,000.00😍😍😍😆😆😆 

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