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Wow; What a journey, but I am claiming clearly ownership of PCH Sweepstakes gwy# 13000 of 2x [email protected] $25,000.00 a month for life, and also claiming PCH gwy# [email protected] $50,000.00!!! Please do activate these PCH #’s of 13000, 13001, Thank you, and God Bless 🙏 PCH Sweepstakes and Prizepatrol for a life changing opportunity for me, and my family

BUTTON 8 of 10- PCH (Daniielle Lam) – APPROVED – Millionare Making SuperPrize – Completing Final Step to attain Complete Compliance status to secure Full Eligibility to WIN $1,000,000.00 from Gwy. 18000. BONUS: With a timely entry, am hereby claiming full eligibility rights to my unique prize number(s) issued from this Notice to a $50,000.00 Cash Bonus, Gwy.13001. 

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vip elite member from pch search I am claiming the 40,000,00 a month for life gwy 13000 I got polio when I was 3 month old and I am in a wheelchair and my mom did not want me because I had polio and with the 40,000,00 a month for life gwy 13000 I would take the 40,000,00 a month for life gwy 13000 and I would take the prize money and help these kids out that has polio become I know what it feels like not to be wanted this is why I try so hard to win some big money from pch I have way over 180 million tokens and I want to win this money from pch

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Open to legal residents of the U.S., age 21 or older. Void where prohibited. Sweepstakes ends at 5 p.m. ET on 11/21/18. Odds of winning depend on number of entries received. For full official rules, visit www.HGTV.com or send a self-addressed stamped envelope to: “HGTV Urban Oasis Giveaway 2018” P.O. Box 52822, Knoxville, TN 37950. Main Sponsor: Scripps Networks, LLC d/b/a Home & Garden Television.
how are all of yall at pch it is raining in pelzer sc okay i and claiming the 25,000,00 a month for gwy 13000 and I am claiming the 1,000,000,00 gwy 18000 i enter every sweepstakes that is on pch 7 days a week everyday because winning this prize money from pch and then I would be able to help the kids that got polio and I could go around place and talk to people about polio and a lot of people got a kid that has polio and I could help the animal shelter out and help find animal a good home this is why that I am trying so hard to win this prize money from pch but if I don’t win any prize money from pch i can not help these poor kids and help these poor animals out i pray to god that I will be one of these winner of this prize money from pch and all of yall at pch god bless all of yall for giving me a chance to win this prize money for pch
Congratulations to Sweepstakes Plus member +micheleeclw for being selected as a top winner in the Camping World Tailgate Kick Off Sweepstakes. They have won a 2019 Thor Motor Coach Freedom Elite 22FE. The Motor Home has an approximate retail value of $60,989.00. Quote from the winner: Awesome win and the best yet!!! I am really excited to get it. Thank You Sweepstakes Advantage!!!!!!

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vip elite member I am in it to win it all I am claiming the 25,000,00 a week for every gwy 11000 and claiming the 1,000,000,00 gwy 18000 and claiming the 25,000,00 gwy 11475 and claiming the 10,000,00 gwy 10078 and I am claiming the for vip elite 50,000,00 gwy 12655 claiming all these prize from pch is because the number one answer is I make it a daily thing to get on pch 7 days a week everyday this is how I got so many tokens I have over 281 million tokens this is how that I show my loyal and dedication to pch and to the prize patrol and I like one level before I get to the top on pch I like the red diamond and then I will be at the top level on pch I if I don’t win one of these prize money from pch are win all of these prize from pch I am going to give up

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